July 5, 2021, by sustainablenottingham

A plastic poem

Samuel Hicklin is Duty Manager at the David Ross Sports Village on University Park. For Plastic Free July, Sam has written a poem on plastic usage and the impact it has on our environment.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. You can be part of Plastic Free July by signing up to the challenge and choosing to refuse single-use plastics.


I did not see it coming,

yet I saw it all the while,

that packet on the playground

I ran past with biggest smile.


The sports bottles at pitch side,

forgotten by the last.

It crept up rather slowly,

then quickly as time passed.


The parcel at the back gate,

hiding bubble wrap galore.

The more I start to notice,

I’m noticing much more.


It’s in the air I’m breathing,

the water out the tap,

the belly of the walrus,

can your conscience live with that?


It burns a fire inside me,

a darkness grows within.

I’d like to tell the careless 

“Just use the bloody bin”


So what then is the answer,

to turn this plastic tide.

Or shall we all just turn our backs,

run away and hide.


Be the man who’s sat at home,

Whistling ignorance is bliss.

Who won’t change the way he’s living 

because the problem isn’t his.

See Baekeland was non the wiser, 

as he changed the world we know.

A revolution for mankind

and death for down below.


But you, you have the chance,

to make history once more.

If we all just pull together 

we could clean the ocean floor.


There’s 7 billion people,

using 1 million bottles a minute.

But if we all joined team recycling,

I’m thinking we could win it!


So let’s educate the ignorant,

and love our planet earth.

We’re in a global crisis,

It’s time to prove your worth.


Sam Hicklin
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