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November 25, 2020, by sustainablenottingham

Eco-friendly Christmas present picks

It’s a month until Christmas, so it is time to start thinking about some present ideas (especially in lockdown, what else is there to do?)! It is very easy to be drawn in by adverts on social media or the TV, but often these gifts are not brilliant for the environment. So, below are a list of seven environmentally friendly gift ideas from student Eilis O’Keefe to make your Christmas a little more sustainable!


Newspaper wrapping paper

It is important to ensure that your wrapping paper is environmentally friendly. A brilliant way to do this is by using old newspaper, which not only looks great but can also be recycled once the presents have been opened. So, start collecting your newspapers over the coming weeks.

If you are ahead of the game, it’s also great to save wrapping paper from the year before and reuse it. If you have never done this, make sure to hold onto the wrapping paper you receive this year, ready for next Christmas! Shop Zero in Nottingham also have sustainable Christmas paper tape to seal your presents (you can order online), so there is no excuse not to provide some fabulous sustainable wrapping!


Now onto the actual presents, and this one is for the female exercise lovers in your life. Tala produce gym wear that is sustainable, affordable and extremely good quality. Their pieces are made from sustainable fabrics, even their labels can be planted to produce a surprise flower! Their garment packaging is also 100% recycled plastic and recyclable.

So, if anyone in your life loves a gym session, especially ready for the New year, Tala is the place to shop.


Zero waste cook book

The Zero Waste Cookbook by Giovanna Torrico and Amelia Wasiliev

For those who love to cook, the Zero-Waste Cookbook is for you. This includes 100 recipes that make use of the food which would usually go to waste. This is a great present idea for those who want to make the most out of their weekly shop, whilst learning some new recipes!


Make your own Lip Balm DIY kit

Shop Zero in Nottingham are selling a make your own lip balm DIY kit. This is great for any age group and will provide some brilliant entertainment for an afternoon. This is an eco-friendly kit which includes three natural lip balms: peppermint, citrus and unscented. Who doesn’t want to use a lip balm that they’ve made themselves? What a great idea!



Candles are an essential Christmas gift, as they really bring that Christmas ambience! However, it’s important to get candles that use eco-friendly materials. Soy wax is a great sustainable alternative which many companies use, so try to buy candles which use this wax. Below are some links to some sustainable, soy wax candles.

A Good Company’s sustainable bundles

As working from home becomes the norm, a bundle from A Good Company is a brilliant Christmas present idea for those working hard.

The Good Company bundles

A Good Company are a Swedish business who produce completely sustainable items. Their materials and production are environmentally friendly, and they compensate for emissions produced during shipping and travel. For instance, during November, they are planting a tree for every £10 spent. There are numerous gift bundles available. For example, the work from home bundle, which includes: an A5 Notebook (made from recycled stone); natural grass pen; and an A6 pocket diary (stone paper). These items, amongst others, can also be bought separately.

Other items on the website include phone cases and hair scrunchies.

ASOS responsible edit

For many, clothes shopping is the first port of call for Christmas present ideas. Due to lockdown, it is likely lots of Christmas shopping will be done online.

A huge online retailer is ASOS, who provide a large range of clothing for both men and women. If you plan on looking at ASOS, make sure to type into the search bar ‘Responsible Edit’. This will only show all the clothing which is made from recycled or sustainable materials. Large brands like Nike, North Face, Monki, and Collusion all have items on this edit, so try shopping here before going onto the generic site!

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