August 14, 2020, by sustainablenottingham

Some More Sustainable Listening

Last month, Meg justified her love for podcasts and shared some recommendations within the topics: climate and environmental justice, and energy and emissions. You can read that post here. This month, post Plastic Free July and calls for a ‘green recovery’, the podcast topics are:


  • Fully ChargedAir pollution in the modern world
    • ”Helen Czerski interviews one of her colleagues at University College London all about how air pollution has evolved in the city. From the most recent times to historic events, they talk about how air pollution has altered over the years.”
  • Sustainability DefinedHigh Speed Rail with Andy Kunz (U.S. High Speed Rail Association)
    • In this episode, you’ll learn about the many benefits of these systems and why so many global cities have developed state of the art systems while the U.S. lags behind.
  • CIHT PodcastsActive travel and transport- potential futures 
    • The health impacts associated with inactivity has been described as a pandemic. Rachel Aldred, Professor of Transport at the University of Westminster, discusses how this health crisis might be solved by increasing cycling levels.
  • Reasons to be CheerfulF(air) miles: the case for a frequent flyer tax
    • ”With 15% population taking 70% flights in the UK, is a frequent flyer tax the fairest way to tackle the contribution of aviation to the climate crisis?”
  • New Year SolutionsCars
    • ”Jo Fidgen explores everyday solutions to the climate crisis.” Would you give up your car?


  • The Plastisphereconfused about bioplastics?
    • ”What happens if bioplastics end up in the environment? In this episode, Anja takes a closer look at synthetic polymers marketed as more environmentally friendly.”
  • Costing the EarthPlastic burnout
    • ”A new report estimates the scale of plastic waste that ends up in uncontrolled burning in 6 key countries. Tom Heap asks what can be done to prevent it?”
  • 12 Years to Save the Planet– Plastic
    • ”Single use plastic is everywhere, even in the places you wouldn’t expect!”
  • Life ScientificPlastic Pollution with Richard Thompson
    • ”Richard Thompson tells Jim Al-Khalili how he alerted the world to the micro-plastics in the ocean and the harm they might cause to marine life”
  • Edie Sustainable Businessedie and Nestlé’s plastics deep dive
    • Edie brings ”you exclusive interviews with Sky, Tideway, the University of Leeds and episode sponsors Nestlé for an episode dedicated to tackling single-use plastics.”

Share your thoughts and recommendations with us! What should we cover next?

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