November 25, 2015, by sustainablenottingham

Do you have a sustainability challenge for MSc students?

Three postgraduate students studying in front of Business School North, Jubilee campusDo you have a sustainability challenge and wish to partner with a leading Centre for Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Europe?

The ICCSR at the Nottingham University Business School is a leader in responsible business and sustainability research and teaching in Europe, and as part of our MSc in Sustainability offering, we run an experiential learning module: “Managing for Sustainability”, that enables students to develop management skills and abilities to embed sustainability in organisations.

We are seeking to partner SMEs located in the East Midlands keen on embedding sustainability into their firms to work closely with us and contribute to our MSc students’ learning experience. This involves the module convenor (Dr. Judy Muthuri) jointly working with you to develop a sustainability challenge close to your hearts, and which the students will work on as part of their second semester learning and assessment journey.

Benefits for SMEs

  • The SMEs will gain access to specialised research at no cost on a sustainability issue(s) close to their heart.
  • The SMEs will benefit from interacting with our top-performing MSc students who will dedicate their time to research, analyse and make recommendations to the SMEs.
  • This is also an opportunity to build an ongoing learning relationship with the ICCSR team and have access to academic knowledge on sustainability.

What does this involve?

The commitment involves up to 4 hours of SMEs’ time spread from December 2015 to March 2016 as summarised in the proposed action timeline:

  • Module convenor meets (or speaks to) individual SMEs to discuss and develop the Sustainability Challenges by Monday 7th December 2015. The challenges are signed off before the Christmas break. SME time: 1hr.
  • The students are matched to SMEs in groups of 4 or 5. The group visits the SMEs to get to know more about the company and to also contextualise the challenge. The visits are flexible but must happen the week starting 1st February (for coordination and timetabling purposes, the visit ideally should happen during the actual class time on Monday 1st February 2016 between  3.30-5pm). SME time: 1.5hrs.
  • Students work independently on the challenge mentored by the module convenor.
  • Students make presentations to the SMEs on Monday 7th March 2016; slot presentations between 2-5pm. Venue: C3 Exchange Building, Jubilee Campus. SME time: 1.5hrs.

The bold dates are critical dates as we’d like you to commit to these dates to ensure a smooth learning experience.

If you’d like to find out more about this opportunity, please contact module convenor Dr. Judy Muthuri.

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