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SCoop – SB’s non-profit, student-priced food shop

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Michelle Thomas, Treasurer of SCoop, explains how the society is bringing ethical, organic and affordable food to Sutton Bonington.

SCoop was set up by dietetics students in February 2014 with the aim of giving Sutton Bonington students (staff and locals too) increased access to affordable and quality food from an ethical supply chain. We understand how it can be difficult to purchase tasty and quality food, let alone ethically-sourced and organic, on a student budget making it unavailable to most, even though many of us are studying degrees in nutrition, food science, agriculture and food related areas. The SCoop solution started with fruit and veg boxes once a week and has grown to a biweekly food shop selling: grains, tinned tomatoes, herbs & spices, nuts & seeds, tea & coffee, dried fruit, natural shampoo & conditioner, chocolate and much more!

SCoop is essentially a food buying group purchasing in bulk so that many people can have cheap yet quality food while sticking to co-operative principles. Co-operative members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others. Following scoop guidelines we mark-up prices as little as possible just to cover any wastage so that the society doesn’t lose money.


To run things smoothly we have volunteers who make up the SCoop crew and are vital for bringing energy and enthusiasm and different skills to keep the society moving forward. One of the roles a volunteer can choose to do is become a coordinator. Coordinators organise rotas for different activities such as running the shops, repacking, stock control etc. Existing members train new volunteers in each role so that if they wish they can then train newer people and so on. The key is willingness to work together and communicate with each other.


Want to shop?

The Campus Shop opens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 12.30 – 1.30pm in The Barn (on the side facing Main Building).

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Want to get involved?

Are you interested in working with the team to help run the shop and all the other things we do, and being supported to make your ideas become a reality?

  • Join and post to say hi on the facebook crew group: SB SCoopCrew15
  • Sign up for shop shifts on the crew group (you’ll always be with a fully trained member) or come along to the shop and chat to us first.
  • Pop-in on our Wednesday crew lunchies in the guild space from 12.30pm from Week 2: get to know us, find out more and food share if you wish. Free tea and coffee.

How to get in touch

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/UoNSCoop
Twitter: @SCoopSB
Instagram: @Scoop_UoN

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