March 26, 2015, by bwzhr

Students’ Union Green Week is a Success

Students’ Union ESJ Officer, Emily Holmes reviews her recent Green Week at the University of Nottingham.

At the end of February the Environment and Social Justice Society, alongside the University’s Sustainability Team and Sustrans ran a ‘Green Week’. The aim of this  week was to engage students in environmental activities around the University and increase environmental awareness.

There were a number of events from bike workshops, to campus tours and a film evening. The Environment and Social Justice Committee ran a stall in Portland, where members were available to chat to students. Raising awareness and engaging students in environmental issues as well as promoting the events for the week. In addition to this, the stall was a platform to engage students in an environmental petition and also chat to students about their ideas of being environmentally active and what they view a sustainable University to be. The information collected from this was particularly interesting, and alongside engagement is a notable success of the week. Findings from this are something that can be further discussed.On the whole the week was successful, however a few events were not able to run at short notice. A little better planning may have been able to avoid this, or replace the activities, as with any event planning and preparation is very important and this is a key aspect to be looked at and improved upon for subsequent events.

There were certainly some positive and negative aspects of the Green Week as a whole, which is of course to be expected in its first implementation. This can hopefully be used by the next Officer and Committee team to improve and expand upon, for a second ‘Green Week’ event next year, to further engage students in environmental issues and how they can better actively support the environment both at University and within their community.

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