September 4, 2014, by sustainablenottingham

Sitting on Environment Committee: Dr Mandy Roshier

Dr Mandy Roshier answers our questions in the first of a series of posts profiling members of the University’s Environment Committee in the UK.

Dr Mandy Roshier1.  What does being on Environment Committee entail?
Being part of a team that brings together members from across the University to harness their expertise and experiences to embrace all things environmental affecting the University.  The committee meets to review and strategise; for me the most rewarding aspect is actually getting involved with projects.

2.  Tell us about your ‘day job’ and how this relates to your work with Environment Committee.
I’m based at Sutton Bonington, teaching anatomy and behaviour at the Vet School.  I was invited to join the committee as a campus representative.

3.  How has being on Environment Committee affected your day-to-day practices?
I have greater awareness of the bigger picture and rationale behind University sustainability initiatives.  Where I can facilitate a connection between Sutton Bonington campus and the Environment Committee I help with this.  This could involve promoting events or passing on information about developments, and likewise I provide feedback to the committee.  Involvement with the committee has made me more perceptive to the environmental issues in my surroundings, this could be from suggestions or concerns expressed by colleagues and my own observations.

4.  Of all the activities and projects that Environment Committee has endorsed/supported, which one stands out for you? And why?
Gardens, plants, woodland, architecture are all words that grab my attention, and it is those projects that relate to these themes that strike a chord with me.  The University landscapes are stunning and this has been recognised by an impressive clutch of awards, did you know Nottingham has continuously received a Green Flag award since 2003?

5.  Finally, what is your top suggestion for making the University more sustainable?
Keeping up the University’s commitment to focus efforts on sustainability is essential, but this can only be achieved by everybody doing their bit too.

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