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Southwell Hall are the Go Greener Halls Competition Winners!

The 2013/2014 Go Greener Hall Competition has now ended ( well, it actually finished at the end of March, but with the Easter break being late and students not coming back till the start of May etc), and the Environment Team can now announce that the winning hall is Southwell!

Southwell Hall, on Jubilee Campus, won with a score of 137 points out of the potential 180 points which were available for the year. This is the first time that a Hall not on University Park has won the competition!
Well done Southwell Hall!

GGHC Winner's

GGHC Winner’s

This means that Southwell Hall will win £250 for their ESJ JCR fund, which the ESJ rep can decide how to spend it, with input from the rest of the JCR, the residents of the hall and the support of the Hall Management.

The Environment and Social Justice Rep for Southwell Hall David Collomb, he has worked tirelessly throughout the year to improve the environmental impact of Southwell Hall. This has resulted in winning one month for the Go Greener Hall Competition and continually achieving a high score in the GGHC League Table.

Results Table

Final League Table

When asked about his “ term in office”, and how he steered Southwell to an historic win ( the hall haven’t won the competition before),David commented; “ A lot comes down to the individual, since consumption is related to lifestyle, at the start of the year we decided to prioritise making sure lights were switched off in pantries/ corridors/foyers (anywhere where the lights were not automatic. We also took advantage of JCR influence and told people to make sure unwanted lights were switched off. After a couple of months we noticed the drop in electricity consumption so we decided to keep our focus on switching off lights. Since a lot is down to an individual, recycling is harder. Again we spread a message to try and recycle as much as possible. In the end we found that raising awareness and finding the easiest way for students to be environmentally friendly was the most effective method”.
JCR President James Overton was also pleased with the result, and pleased that David had been recognised for all his hard work and effort, “David is an excellent member of the committee who’s role is held back only by the time frame of one year in the job. David made it his aim to win the Go Greener Competition and has always been enthusiastic about it. He took a simple approach of merely spreading the word to turn off lights and to recycle where possible, which proved to be very effective”

David, James and Sally outside the winning GGHC Hall

David, James and Sally outside the winning GGHC Hall

The approach which David undertook proves that simply spreading information about recycling and turning lights off can result in changing the behaviour of students. The hope is the residents of Southwell will keep this attitude towards recycling and energy when they move out!

Well done again David, James, Sally and all the residents of Southwell Hall.

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