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10 things I wish someone had told me before I started studying Physiotherapy

Blaithin Hadjisophocleous shares her wisdom from studying Physiotherapy. My last visit home was my last holiday as a Physiotherapy student. Sat at the dining table with my family, I thought about how, two and a half years later, they now have a better idea of what physiotherapy is all about – they have stopped asking …

Studying what you love, wherever you are!

Carla Saraiva juggles studying and family with the help of a distance learning course.  I was working a full-time job when I decided that I really wanted to continue studying, in order to complement my previous education. I had already completed a BSc and MSc in Informatics Engineering and was working in the field of …

Why study what you love?

Katherine Tallant is the School Manager for Sociology and Social Policy, she’s also the brains behind the Study What You Love campaign.  The inspiration for this campaign came from a workshop I attended in which we were discussing how students choose what to study. We considered all sorts of influences like parental expectations, what friends are …

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Why study the Arts?

Where can you go with an Arts degree? In this video employers talk about the skills Arts students can gain from studying a subject that they love and how these can benefit them in the future. Read more from other students, academics and employers on the Study What You Love pages.

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From Psychology to… social media

Maebellyne Ventura, University alumnus I have always been interested in behaviour and mental health so it was an almost natural choice to study Psychology. During my degree I was able to explore different aspects of psychology – biological, neurological and social, to name a few. In the process I also learnt a lot more about …

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A career in Law

Does a career in Law mean a degree in Law? Not necessarily, according to Tim Smith (pictured) from Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP.  The subject a graduate has studied isn’t important at all, we are much more interested in the skills that a candidate can display and the application of those skills to a legal career. …

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From American Studies to… anything

Claire Jermany, 4th year student The broad range of subjects that fall under the American Studies umbrella is the reason why I chose to study this loveable course. I’ve had to consult a huge range of materials for my lecture and seminar discussions over the years, from 8 Mile to slavery photographs to Muhammad Ali’s …

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