May 16, 2014, by Guest blogger

Study and explore

Gael Bateman: student and explorer. 

I am one of those people with multiple interests that change from season to season; I don’t have a thing, like so many people appear to have in this modern world, which helps to define them. But I do love exploring.

Exploring ideas, places, people, cultures, identities, foods and experiences – The University of Nottingham gave me the opportunity to put this passion of exploration into practice.

Studying Social and Cultural Studies allowed me to meet like-minded students and inspiring professors (Nick Stevenson & Amal Treacher Kabesh) who guided me in these explorations. I unfurled theories of cultural identity by Stuart Hall which fed my passion for understanding international identities. Zgymunt Bauman’s conclusions of fluid society and our modern relationships with freedom led me on a journey of asking questions as opposed to finding the right answers that my Grandpa had always encouraged me to do. Best of all I had the luxury of time, and exemplary resources available to me, to learn, discover and develop my own theories.

Even outside of the degree, UoN provided me with the platform for exciting explorations and once-in-a-lifetime adventures…the eclectic cultural mix of the historical city with its student secrets to uncover and endless societies to try my hand at ensured an entertaining and eye-opening three years. However, it was the international opportunities available through Nottingham’s global reach that made my time there life-changing; I was lucky enough to complete a semester abroad at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia as part of the Universitas 21 programme.

My six month adventure allowed for explorations into culture, identity and individuals that many people can only dream of. The experiences in those 6 months were incredibly precious; so much so that I am now living and exploring life back in Brisbane, and so the journey begun through UoN continues on.

Studying what you love, at a university and in a city that you love, allows you to not only do what you love during your time at university, but it also begins the journey of your adult life doing what you love – just imagine where that might take you…

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