March 14, 2014, by Guest blogger

International media and international travel

Malvina-Sofia Nicolaou explains what it’s like being an International Media and Communications student. 

Being a Fresher can be a daunting and an overwhelming experience for some whereas others find it easier to adjust to their new environment. For me, it was a mixture of “oh my god where is everything”,” this place is huge” to “woooh party” and, of course, “oh this is interesting”, “I didn’t know that” (talking about my modules of course!). During the first semester (September-December), I studied two modules called Media and Society and Communication and Culture. Media and Society was one of my favourite modules throughout my whole degree. This module focused on the media’s role in understanding the contemporary world. I really enjoyed it because it concentrated on a lot of print media theories and the content was related to what I want to pursue in the future.

The Department of Culture, Film and Media offers the opportunity to study abroad and spend an unforgettable semester or year abroad where the possibilities are endless. Ever think of what it’s like to live abroad in a city you have never visited before with strangers everywhere? It sounds potentially terrifying and overwhelming at first but I can assure you it’s the most amazing experience you will ever have. To be honest, I wish I could travel back in time, get a B for my A level French exam and do the joint course. Saying that, my life as a student at The University of Nottingham is not so bad either! It has been an absolutely tremendous and unforgettable experience.

If you are fascinated by the evolution of the media industry, excited about going on a year abroad and looking forward in working for a leading company, then a degree in Media and Communication Studies is the right choice for you.

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