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May 15, 2023, by aqykd2

My experience with an assessment centre at Warner Bros. Discovery

It’s around that time of the year that many students have either secured an internship or waiting to hear back. I’m here today to ┬átalk about an assessment centre day that I attended yesterday, at the Warner Bros. Discovery office in London.

Assessment centres are organised by companies as a part of the final rounds of recruiting. It’s an opportunity to visit the main office and undertake a series of tasks throughout the day to show the recruiters just how well you could fit in their work environment. Receiving an invite for this was a bitter-sweet experience as I was nervous just as much as I was excited to see the Warner Bros. Discovery office in Central London! But I was really glad to come out of it smiling as they made it a really comfortable experience for me. Hopefully my experience will give you an idea of what to expect. Here’s how the day went for me:

Ice-Breaking Session:

This was to help us loosen up and simply know more about the other candidates with whom we were about to spend the whole day. We spoke about ourselves and discussed what Warner Bros. character we would choose to be, if we could.


By this stage of recruitment, you should know enough about the role that you applied for. But we were then told more about the roles and experiences by their current placement holders. They seemed really nice and had us all more excited about being a part of the team and taking our roles up. This was followed by a QnA session, where we could have our queries addressed.

Group Task:

As I applied for a marketing and communications related role, we were assigned to groups of four. Then, they showed us the trailer for one of their upcoming films. We were asked to prepare a presentation about our target audience, marketing strategies, SWOT analysis and a little creative no-time or budget limit idea for marketing the movie. This was a chance to see just how creative the other candidates were in their responses and how well they gelled with each other. This can certainly be a fun experience to truly showcase your knowledge and passion for the industry.


This was a space to network with the recruiters, current interns and other workers of the department. I would definitely dedicate more time to speaking and knowing more about the role and the place over eating hahah!

Individual Tasks and Interviews:

Here, they asked us to draft an email consisting an instructions brief, and spot the differences between an original and edited movie poster. Meanwhile, there were individual speed interviews happening in the next room. The assessors made it a point to make you comfortable by having a conversational flow rather than a strict interview. It was great!

This was the end of the day already, it went by really quickly! I wait to hear back from them, but I’m certainly glad to have had such an experience. It helped me feel more confident about being at par with the other candidates. I wish you all luck for your interviews and assessment centre!

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