Employable graduates with graduation caps

October 24, 2022, by Lucy Cooper

Ways to become more employable during your degree

You’ve just arrived at university and the prospect of graduation seems like a very distant concept. You launch yourself into your studies and university life and you’re very busy. It’s easy to forget about career planning during your studies but thinking about and acting on this during your time at university can be crucial when launching your career. Luckily, uni is a time where there are loads of options available to gain work experience. I’ve been able to work as a student ambassador, work for the Students’ Union, complete various work experience projects and attend career talks through the careers service.

The careers service

The UoN careers service has lots of schemes to help you to increase your work experience. As well as offering careers appointments with an advisor, the careers team have put together some schemes with links to local Nottinghamshire-based companies to offer you work experience. The Nottingham Internship Scheme, the Nottingham Consultancy Challenge, the Digital Marketing Academy and the Nottingham Advantage Award are all available for you to gain work experience. I completed the Digital Marketing Academy in my second year and was able to learn about the industry, attend an insight day and complete a digital project for a local organisation.


Unitemps has a range of part-time jobs available to students that can be fit around your studies. This may be working on campus or for local organisations. New posts are advertised every single day, so it’s worth regularly checking the website or signing up to their mailing list.

Volunteering through the SU

The SU offers a wide range of volunteering option to students, no matter their timetable. This may be fundraising, simply offering a helping hand or using the skills that you already have to help an organisation. The SU also has a range of student-run initiatives that you can engage with too, which may offer leadership positions to gain management skills. Societies and society committees are also great ways to show your engagement with university life outside of your studies. The SU also employs students, so you may be able to find paid employment through them too.

University schemes

Working as a student ambassador, volunteering for the Digital Transformations hub are ways to gain additional training, skills and experience as a student. It is also worth looking to see if your department offers additional opportunities, such as work experience modules, opportunities to volunteer or work in local schools or placement opportunities within your school.


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