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October 24, 2022, by aqykd2

How to save some extra cash at UoN

Going to university is much more than just about our three or four-year degree. We leave our comfort zones to build a little world for ourselves in a whole new place! We learn to make do and adjust to everything that seems new around us. Most of all, we take the first step towards living independently by trying to support ourselves financially. With your stay in Nottingham, you might learn to save some extra money during your stay. But here are a few saving tips to give you a head-start with that:

Watch out for freebies! 

Nottingham is known to be a student-friendly city. Our university has been especially generous in surprising its students on most working weeks with pop-up stalls of coffee, sausage rolls, and pizza around the Portland building. Make sure you follow the UoN Student Union page on Instagram to receive updates on their events and free food. Don’t shy away! 

If you’re residing in an on-campus accommodation or a third-party accommodation associated with our university, you can also save some extra money on day trips and entertainment by signing up for the Res-X emails, activities, and events. They had so much going on throughout last year! All you need is to sign up on the Home at Halls website or install the app for daily updates on what’s going on in your accommodation. They have donuts and pizzas on some days and fully funded day trips and movie tickets on others! 

Don’t forget to ask for a student discount!

One of the perks of living in a student-friendly city is that most stores have student discounts. Note that they are rarely ever advertised, so don’t forget to ask the staff at tills to save a minimum of 10%. What’s more? You can also extend your discounts and use them while shopping online! One of the websites/apps that you will frequently come across for accessing student discounts is Unidays. Stores might ask you to show them your Unidays account because they use it to verify your status as a student. Sign up to Unidays with your university login credentials for free here.

Walking might do your health some good (and your wallet too!) 

Did you know that the University of Nottingham was once declared the greenest campus in the world? Our campus and city are full of scenic views that you will love walking across. As much as we all appreciate the concessions for student tickets on public transport, their costs could still add up to large sums in the long run. So, my friends, walk where you can. 

This might not be possible when you want to travel to campuses like Sutton Bonington which are further away. For those days, our university provides free hopper buses that go around all our campuses. Just show your student ID and hop on! 

Beware of posters across campus

Finally, this is a suggestion that I have for all students. Keep an eye out for posters across campus as they might have invitations for focus groups or surveys. The university gives you Amazon vouchers in return for your valuable feedback and reflection of experiences! I see this as a win-win because it assures us that our voices are being heard as well. Although I haven’t had much luck with surveys yet, prize draws are always exciting to enter in. 

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