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August 22, 2022, by aqykd2

Convenient Routes to Travel to Nottingham

Moving to a university must be exciting for students that shift to new cities. But it is especially exhilarating for students who travel further away to leave their country and set up new lives abroad. To all those international students…I resonate with you! With all this excitement, you have probably already booked your tickets to England! But what’s next? Read along to find a few convenient ways to travel to Nottingham.

Destination Airport:

Most students prefer going to London Heathrow Airport to travel to Nottingham. It’s an obvious choice considering the number of direct international flights available to London that go halfway across the world. Additionally, you might find all types of transport conveniences as Heathrow Airport is among the most frequently entered destinations for all those traveling to Britain. It is about a three-hour bus ride away from Nottingham. 

But Birmingham is another popular choice for all those coming to Nottingham. It is not only closer to Nottingham (located two hours away), but could also be a more time-efficient choice. Some international students also arrive in Birmingham to avoid the long and crowded immigration queues. It is also relatively easier to find cheaper tickets to Birmingham than those for London. 

Modes of transportation: 

After arriving at the airport, you could either arrange to travel to Nottingham via a cab, coach, or train. I personally find pre-booked coaches to be the most cost-effective choice. Our university website has additional information and pricing charts for travel from other nearby airports and locations. However, if your travel date is either earlier or later than the mentioned dates, you might find it helpful to install the Trainline app, which displays various options for coach and train services. It allows you to look at all your options, compare them and choose the best route for yourself.

Here are some of the most common routes to travel to Nottingham (from London):

  1. Train: There are no direct trains from London Heathrow to Nottingham. You could get on a tube from Heathrow Underground station to London St. Pancras International Station. The East Midlands Railway from this railway station would then take you to Nottingham. Your journey from Heathrow via trains should be about three hours. The train drops you off at Nottingham Station where you can choose to take a tram, bus, or a cab to your accommodation.
  2. Train: Alternatively, you can make your way from central London to Nottingham by heading to London Euston and then hopping on a train from there. Most trains from London will take you on a route from London > Birmingham > Derby > Nottingham (though some trains will go direct from Birmingham to Nottingham meaning you only need 1 change over)
  3. Coach: If (like me) you are carrying a lot of luggage, it might be more convenient for you to book a coach directly to Nottingham. They help you load your luggage on and off the bus, and save you the trouble of having to change stations. Most coaches arrive at the Broadmarsh Bus Station in Nottingham, which is also close to the tram stop and many bus stops.

After arriving in Nottingham: 

It has been quite a long journey already! Cabs would be convenient because you could directly book one to your accommodation. But if you’re confused about the location of your campus or accommodation. Here’s where to look. 

Extra tip: Our university has also arranged meet and greet services from London Heathrow and Nottingham Broadmarsh Coach Station for those who could use a little extra help getting to campus! I recommend this to International students who haven’t visited the country earlier. Make sure to book your appointment at least 7 days prior to your arrival. You’re all good to go now! 

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