Five penguins at the zoo. One of them is laying down on the rock. It appears to be making a classy pose for the camera.

April 5, 2022, by aqykd2

A Day-Out of University Life to the Zoo!

Hear students, the sun has begun to shine brighter! It’s time to switch your big, heavy coats with thinner, more colorful layers. Isn’t it great to see everybody out on the downs with barbecues, music, and games? The last couple of weeks have been ideal for a day out to soak up some sunshine. Just in time for this, the Res-X team recently organised a day out to the Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire. 

Waking up early on a Saturday morning is not the most ideal. But I’m proud to declare that my friend and I made it in time for the bus to leave. I found the trip to be exceptionally well organised. They made sure to do a headcount with whoever was joining  to make sure that we didn’t leave anyone behind. The headcount and their debriefing reminded me of good old school days. 

A trip to the zoo was a pleasant change in my schedule of studying on weekdays and going out at night for the weekends only to end up feeling more worked up! I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. They let us explore the zoo on our own, at our own pace (perks of not being a school student anymore, I guess?). After our walkthrough, my friend and I found ourselves especially going back to the prairie dog and penguins. 

And of course, we laid down on the grass under the sun after and watched ducks and pigeons get chased by little kids. I would like to advocate for zoos as a place for relaxing and connecting with your inner child. My friend and I were just as excited to look for flamingos as any other kid around us. We didn’t see all the animals because several of them refused to come out considering the heat outside. We missed out on quite a few birds as the zookeepers wanted to ensure security from bird flu that is apparently around this season. I recognize that visiting the zoo is also a great reminder of greater problems than those we experience in our daily lives.  Watching animals was lovely, But laying under the warm sun and watching families was very wholesome and relaxing as well!

I look forward to signing up for more such trips and events organised by the Residential Experience Team! If you wish to find out more about their events, follow them on Instagram to receive updates. 

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