A group of diversely cultured women standing in a queue for the picture. They all seem happy and comfortable around each other.

February 15, 2022, by aqykd2

Student nights in with Res-X!

Come September, all prospective university students scour through YouTube for student vlogs. They are always in search of students who once felt as overwhelmed as they are. This includes those who victoriously got through the Fresher’s events and the first couple of months without any problem! My admittedly biased research showed me that prospective students were largely concerned about shifting to a new environment. So blending in, drinking culture and mental health are a few of the commonly recurring themes addressed in these videos. But it’s always easier said than done with these things, isn’t it?

As an international student, I recall being devastated because I was unable to attend any of the freshers’ events. I was meant to be in isolation at the time! It was my first time traveling abroad and I spent the first, most difficult ten days, in isolation. So at the end of my isolation period, I was thrilled to be able to go out. I stepped out to find that the fresher’s dust had settled and everyone was down with the infamous ‘fresher’s flu’ anyway. The only events that happened to still be running were those by Res-X.

A group of diversely cultured women standing in a queue for the picture. They all seem happy and comfortable around each other. What is the Rex-X Team?

The University of Nottingham appoints Residential Experience Teams for each of its student accommodations. Their goal is to ensure endless opportunities for students to meet and greet to get to know each other. They organize several events throughout the week. They are also available with support during long breaks for students who might not have been able to return home. Their goal is to support students living in these residential areas and encourage them to make the best of their academic and non-academic lives.

Does this sound like something you would enjoy?

At a time in which I didn’t know whether to focus on socializing or trying to maintain my inner calm by doing things comfortably, the Res-X events were, in a way, a blessing in disguise. I wouldn’t have to worry about drinking with all the new students, the pressure to speak with new people, or even getting to know people from my own accommodation. Their arts and crafts, and games related events helped me slow down and take my own time transitioning into university life. Attending their events has been a great way for me to bond with like-minded people with more and more intriguing stories. Oh, they also always have themed snacks for students to try! What’s a better thing to bond over than food?

They generally organize different types of activities to account for the diverse range of students we have here. It was a great ice-breaker for me when I didn’t know how to approach new people and new conversations. They made it really easy for me with their welcoming environment. I’m not sure about how widely aware students are of the Res-X teams, but I personally prefer smaller crowds to begin with. If you’re currently residing in university accommodation, be sure to check for posters from the Res-X in your receptions because they almost always have something going on!

PS: My personal favorite event is breakfast at Broadgate on Fridays! I love to grab myself some coffee on lazy Friday mornings and have the longest conversations. If you’re at Broadgate, you know where to go next Friday! ?

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