February 15, 2022, by Matthew

My Favourite UoN Student Bands

I recently discovered the UoN BandSoc playlist, and the many student bands included in it. This week, inspired by the playlist, I thought I’d write about a few of my favourite bands formed by (current or former) UoN students.

Featured Image: The Terms

The Avion

The members of The Avion, a student band

The Avion are a Psych/Garage Rock band. Their 2021 single, Mr Darcy’s Sinister Parties, is energetic, catchy, and charismatic. I also really enjoyed the videos on the band’s YouTube channel.

Their 2018 EP, Let’s Make A Scene, shares the high-energy sound of their other releases. I loved Clubland Romeo, the song has great instrumental solos, highlighting the skill of the band’s members. The EP certainly shows just how much the band has to offer, and I’m excited for future releases from The Avion.

The band reached out to let me know that they’ve recently recorded some new music, releasing in April/May, so it seems I won’t have long to wait!

Brown Lion Zoo

Brown Lion Zoo are an Indie Rock band, formed in 2017. The band initially met through UoN music societies. Sadly, most of their music has been taken down from Spotify, but their brilliant 2019 single Reset, Realign is still available. Some of their other releases are available on their YouTube and SoundCloud channels.

The band’s 2018 EP, Where’s My Sandwich, feels incredibly passionate and emotionally compelling. My favourite song from this EP would have to be While I’m At It, the vocals are particularly delightful on this track. The track starts out slow and a little melancholic, but rises in energy and passion as it progresses.

The Terms

The members of The Terms, a student band

The Terms are a Rock n’ Roll band, formed in 2019. Their debut EP, Everything Else Can Wait, was released in September 2021. The EP touches on themes of regret, change, and more. I found that the lyrics of Time Passes By resonated with me, having personally found that my hometown didn’t feel the same when I went back home for the summer, having been at University for a year. Time Passes By is probably my favourite song from this EP.

I also really enjoyed the band’s 2020 single, Dressed Up. It takes a very different tone to Everything Else Can Wait, with more energy. The song also has great vocals, and a really fun sound. 

These are just a few of the great student bands here at UoN! If you’re interested in finding more local bands to listen to, I’d recommend the BandSoc Playlist.

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