March 23, 2021, by Agnes

5 ways to enjoy the sun

Ahhh, Spring is finally upon us!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the sun comes out, I shed my jacket, grab an iced latte and pretend I’m not shivering. So here are some ways to enjoy that beautiful sun, even if it’s not warm enough for summer dresses yet.

     1. Rent a city bike

My favourite place to cycle to, when the sun is shining, is the river! You can cycle along the embankment, you can take a short trip to West Bridgford or check out the Memorial Gardens.

     2. Read outside

Find a green space near you and read a book for pleasure – take a break from your degree. It can be nice to lose yourself in an easy read but even nicer when you’re feeling the sun on your face. If the temperature is quite low, don’t forget to bundle up or take a hot drink with you!

     3. Catch up with a friend

Socialising indoors might be banned, but catching up with a friend is a great excuse for a long walk! You can explore a part of town you’ve never been to before or you can pick an interesting route to follow – Nottingham doesn’t lack great walking spots.

     4. Exercise outside

If the weather’s so nice, why not take your daily exercise outside? Go for a jog or take yourself to an outdoor gym. Good for your physical health and your mental health!

     5. Do a photoshoot

We don’t get great lighting for photos in the (often) grey Nottingham. Here’s your opportunity! Put on a nice outfit, grab a housemate and find a picturesque spot to take some new Insta pics. 

My favourite thing about the sunny weather is how much happier I feel.

Go catch some Vitamin D and get excited for Spring!

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