March 9, 2021, by Agnes

My favourite walks around Nottingham City Centre

Since September, I’ve been living in the city centre. Similarly to everyone else, I’ve also taken up daily walks. These definitely have given me a deeper appreciation of the city and I strongly encourage you to go on a walk around Nottingham city centre when you have the chance.

The Arboretum (obviously)

The Nottingham Trent students love it because it’s right by their campus. “What’s the Arboretum?” I hear you, a fellow UoN student, ask. It’s Nottingham’s oldest public park; complete with the Chinese Bell Garden, an aviary, a bandstand and a bunch of other regular park things. I strongly recommend it – it’s only a 10 min walk from Old Market Square!

St Mary’s Rest Garden

This little park used to be a cemetery, until the road by it was widened. The original tombstones are still there, all propped up against the walls running along the perimeter of the park. In fact, this is also the resting place of the prize-fighter William Thompson, known as Bendigo. (Bendigo Lounge in Beeston – anyone?) Anyway, it’s one of my favourite places to walk because, well it’s close to my house, but also because of the amazing views you can see from the back of the park. (See the featured photo for the night-time view!)

The Castle

No, I’ve never visited the castle, since it’s been under renovation for the entire time that I’ve been in Nottingham. Nevertheless, I enjoy passing the castle, peeking through the fences, imagining what could be, if it was open. The opening date is planned for this spring, so hopefully, soon enough we can all take walks around the Castle grounds. I don’t need to tell you that it’s absolutely beautiful – if you want to see it in its full glory, may I recommend the stunning view of it from the bridge over the canal on Castle Bridge Rd, right by the Waters Edge pub. (Photo attached below)

The view of the castle from Castle Bridge Rd

Most days, though, I simply get lost in the streets of Nottingham. Hockley, the Lace Market, Old Market Square – just wandering around makes me fall in love with Notts every day. Especially if I leave for my walk just as the sun starts setting!

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