February 9, 2021, by Agnes

Safe Valentine’s Day Celebrations

If you’re spending it together

   1. Romantic takeaway

Cooking together isn’t as fun when you do it often, so why not treat yourself to a nice ‘dinner out in’. If you often have takeaways, try to make this one special – light some candles (or fake candles, let’s not forget fire safety), play some romantic music, maybe get some flowers, a bottle of wine- whatever screams ‘romantic’ to you!

   2. Gift memories

There aren’t many options for what to do together in the current circumstances (hence why I’m writing this blog post), so why not gift your partner something that you can do together? It’s a great bonding exercise and a way to spend quality time together in a time where that’s proving increasingly difficult. So look into:

  • A custom paint-by-numbers set of a photo of you together
  • A custom puzzle of a photo of you together
  • Printouts of photos from your relationship so you could make a scrapbook together
  • A new board game
  • A ticket for a virtual class for something you enjoy (cooking, cocktail mixing, art, etc.)
  • A craft set (embroidery, felting, diamond painting, soap making, candle making, etc.)

   3. Have a ‘quiz’ night

No, not the kind you have with your friends over a drink. The kind where you find personality quizzes and discuss your answers to get a deeper understanding of each other. The Myers-Briggs personality test isn’t very accurate, but it’s a classic and it’s interesting to try and explain why we’re putting down certain answers. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, try the difficult person quiz and the 4 axes test. You can even do it for each other and then for yourselves and compare how closely they match, ie. how well you know each other. You can even compare birth charts and your compatibility – but if you’re into astrology, you would have probably done that already.  This activity can lead to long discussions and deep conversations – a bottle of wine recommended.


If you’re spending it apart

   1. Romantic dinner

You can choose a recipe to follow at the same time, you can choose different recipes for each other or you can even order a takeaway from the same restaurant. That way, you’re involving each other in every step of the ‘date’. Pretend you’re together and set up your respective tables in the same way – candles, lighting, drinks, etc. It will almost feel like you’re together again.

   2. Date in a virtual world

I know this isn’t quite the same, but why don’t you go on a virtual date? Club penguin is back and there are many other virtual worlds to choose from, just have a google! If you’re well-versed in Minecraft, why not have a date there? Or maybe try the Sims?

   3. Interactive gifts

You probably have all your gifts planned out already anyway, but why not consider something you can work on together? Maybe you can set up a private Tumblr blog with your favourite songs, photos and inspiration for things to do together. Maybe you can create a Pinterest board visualising your future together. Maybe you can create a Discord server with different channels for various things you’re both interested in. Maybe you can start off a massive Spotify playlist of all the songs that remind you of your partner or a playlist of songs you really love. 


And if you’re single – do all of the above for yourself! 

  • Make a Pinterest board of your dream aesthetic!
  • Visit a virtual world just to wander about!
  • Order a nice takeaway!
  • Get yourself a craft set!
  • Get a bottle of wine and do personality quizzes all evening!
  • Get yourself a bouquet of flowers just to make your room look and smell nice!

And remember: you’re the person that you should love the most. 


I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day, even if this one’s a little different than the usual.

Good luck!

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