January 26, 2021, by Agnes

How to Celebrate the End of Exam Season

Any other year, we’d be planning our big comeback to the Nottingham clubbing scene. Whether you’re the Ocean type or the Crisis type – nothing compares to that first night out after all the exam stress expires.

Unfortunately, this isn’t any other year. 

But that doesn’t have to mean you don’t get to celebrate and congratulate yourself for getting through an especially stressful exam season.

1. Themed night with your housemates

Yeah, you can’t go on a night out, but why not turn your night into a party instead? Pick a theme, dress up and celebrate at home! You can get as creative as you want and plan your night around your theme. Monochrome cocktail night when each person can only dress in the colour of the cocktail they’re making for the rest of the party? Sign me up. Anything but a cup party? Yes, please. Emo night? Oh my god, yes.

2. A box of Doughnotts

Maybe you live alone, maybe you’re not a party person, maybe you just love doughnuts. I’m celebrating with a box of Doughnotts because I truly deserve it – and you do too! Splurge out on that pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Buy a whole cake to eat by yourself. Whatever floats your boat – really treat yourself.

3. Movie night

Finally, after a month of revision, you get some peace and quiet before the new term begins. That means you can spend as long as you want binging Netflix shows (cough, Bridgerton, cough) or catching up on any movies you’ve been meaning to watch. There are no more responsibilities hanging over your head, so sit back and enjoy a good movie sesh.

4. Dream takeaway

By the same “treat yourself” note, get that Chinese or Indian takeaway you’ve been dreaming about. Maybe you really fancy pizza but it’s just a little out of the usual budget – get yourself that pizza! There’s no better feeling than eating that massive takeaway knowing you’ve truly deserved it. I’ll definitely be going for something nice and fancy this week.

5. Just relax

At the end of the day, the best way to celebrate the end of exam season is just to switch off. Take care of yourself, restart, get some sleep. Again, you deserve it.

Despite the circumstances, I hope your exams went well and I wish you a great start to the new term!

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