September 29, 2020, by Charli

Ten Top Tips For Saving Money At Uni

We all know that a student’s favourite word is ‘free’. But for when spending is unavoidable, here are some of my top tips for keeping costs down, saving you money in the long run!

1. Plan what you’re going to eat for the week before you go shopping

This helps make sure you only buy the ingredients and snacks that you know you’ll eat, and also means you won’t have to keep running to the pricey corner shop mid-week!

2. Don’t feel bad for saying ‘no’

It is uni, and of course you should be having fun and living the student life you want, but it’s important to be able to turn things down if your debit card needs a break. Meals out, club nights, pub trips, cinema outings and takeouts can add up quickly, so make sure you’re keeping track of how much you’ve spent lately so you know whether you need to say ‘no’.

3. Learn how to make some cheap, easy meals before leaving for university

Everyone needs to know a few staple meals that are easy on the wallet! Fajitas, stews, pasta dishes and risottos are mine! Check out some ‘student-friendly’ recipes come up with some meals that could work for you. Meat is expensive so I find it more cost-effective to eat veggie most nights of the week. And anther tip? Batch cook and keep your leftovers in the freezer for a rainy day.

4. Invest in a thermos flask

Bring hot drinks with you to lectures. It reduces the temptation to go to the coffee shop, and if you want a refill later, most places will discount your drink if you bring your own mug. And hey, it’s good for the environment too!

5. Learn how to sew

You don’t need to be a professional embroidery artist, but it can save you a lot of money to stitch up a hole in your favourite jersey or jean pocket rather than having to buy new items all the time. A needle and some black thread can be a life-saver!

6. Buy more snacks when you go shopping

This sounds counter-intuitive, but it means that you can take those snacks out with you instead of buying them on-campus when you get hungry between lectures – and I can guarantee those snacks from the supermarket will be cheaper than the ones from the vending machines!

7. Make the most of ‘bargain’ supermarkets

Their produce is often just as good and comes at a much lower cost. I find them brilliant for things like toiletries, cereal, meat produce, and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise!)

8. Take cash instead of a card on nights out

This means that there’s only a set amount of money you can spend per night, which could save you from getting carried away and getting a nasty shock when you check your bank account in the morning!

9. Watch out for student discounts!

Loads of places offer a discount if you look for it! Sometimes they’re not well-advertised, so do your research and you’ll be surprised… This is especially worth remembering with large purchases such as laptops or phones.

10. Look into ways you can earn money at uni

Plenty of places will offer part time or weekend work – try supermarkets, pubs, and bars. There’s also other options such as tutoring (there are lots of companies that employ students for this), taking part in certain research studies, or finding work as a student ambassador (or perhaps even a student life blog writer…?).

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