September 17, 2020, by Shweta

An A-Z of Nottingham’s Supermarkets

One of the many things that makes Nottingham a student hub is the sheer variety of supermarket options. While it may not sound important, having access to various supermarkets offers extensive grocery options at student-friendly prices. In today’s post, I’ll be guiding you through Nottingham’s most popular grocers.


Aldi: With multiple outlets to choose from, their Radford Blvd and Huntingdon St locations are the most popular amongst students. Aldi offers plenty of deals and ‘ready-to-eat’ meals, making it a good option for busy students on a budget. The latter of the two locations is extremely accessible, situated just behind Victoria Centre whilst the tram can take you to Radford in under 20 minutes.

Asda: Another popular national chain, Asda’s Hyson Green location, near the Arboretum, is easily accessible by tram. This location gives shoppers the “superstore” experience offering various items and pricing options.



Bargain Buys: Whilst not a typical addition to a list of supermarkets, Bargain Buys is perfect for bulk-buying toiletries and pantry items. Their deals are extremely easy on the pockets of even the most avid budgeters. Additionally, their location in Trinity Square, opposite Victoria Centre, makes it incredibly accessible at just a short bus ride away.



Lidl: By far the most popular shopping option for students on a budget, Lidl recently opened in Castle Marina, just a short walk away from the student-friendly neighbourhood, Lenton. Lidl is in the same building as Pure Gym making it the perfect option for Pure Gym members who can pick up their groceries after a session at the gym. They also have some of the best deals around.



Morrison’s: With fresh pizzas that have received a seal of approval from my Italian housemate and extensive salad bars, Morrison’s has healthy grocery options and fresh food at affordable prices. Unfortunately, it’s not very close to the university with the nearest store located in Clifton.



Oriental Mart: This one-stop shop for Asian ingredients is extremely popular amongst international students. However, Oriental Mart offers authentic products that you won’t find anywhere else and is a must visit! Located in Hockley, it is well connected with nearby bus and tram stops.



Poundland: Another strange addition to the list, Poundland is yet another option for when you’ve delved too deep into your overdraft. With almost every item priced at only £1, Poundland is perfect for bulk-buyers or one-time shoppers. I typically frequent Poundland for snacks, decorations and cocktail ingredients prior to a big house party. Right in the heart of the city centre, their many locations are also easily accessible.



Sainsbury’s: This is another extremely popular option for students and is also situated in Castle Marina, opposite the Lidl. This particular store offers more than just groceries, with a varied selection of clothes and electronics. Slightly pricier than Lidl, their products are good quality and their smoothie mixes are to die for!

Sharif & Sons: A 15-minute tram ride to Gregory Blvd will take you to Sharif & Sons – a popular local market selling all the ingredients, spices, vegetables and roots to make any South Asian recipe you can dream of. You can also find basic pantry supplies in large quantities and for very affordable prices at this store.

Spar: Possibly the most accessible supermarket on this list, Spar can be found on University Park Campus as well as Jubilee Campus. While small, they sell all your daily student essentials. You may also be able to use your student meal card to purchase items at Spar making it a good option for those in catered halls.



Tesco: Britain’s most popular supermarket, globally, Tesco has multiple locations around Nottingham. Their smaller stores, Tesco Metro, are great for simple grocery runs when you’re short on time. However, their Beeston location boasts Tesco Extra, a massive store where grocery lists are made redundant by the attractive sales and varied options.



Victoria Market: This list would be incomplete without a special mention of Intu Victoria’s very own marketplace. Found on the 2nd floor of the shopping centre, Victoria Market houses vendors selling fresh fruit and veg, fish, meat etc. at jaw-dropping prices. It also allows you to support Nottingham’s smaller vendors and business owners.



Waitrose: Rounding out our list is the most-expensive option. Waitrose can be found opposite Victoria centre making it easily accessible. Unfortunately, this accessibility may not extend to everyone’s bank balances. However, their quality is unparalleled and their desserts make for a lovely treat every now and then.


Finally, it would be unfair of me to introduce Nottingham’s supermarkets without giving a nod to the many local corner shops and news agencies dotted around the city. These little stores are the bread-and-butter of easy grocery runs and add a little charm to Nottingham’s overall ambience.

Disclaimer: This is far from an exhaustive list and Nottingham boasts many other local and national supermarkets. This list is only descriptive of the most popular options amongst students and the ones situated closest to the university.

With so much to choose from, don’t be surprised if you find yourself organising a potluck and churning out weird and wonderful recipes every other day.


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