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September 14, 2020, by Jayda

How to Make the Most out of Freshers Week

Ahh freshers week…there’s nothing quite like it. It’s one of the most exciting yet terrifying weeks of your life. Read on to find out how to make the most of it !!

Put yourself out there

Starting university is scary. You’re in a new city, living with strangers, and without the home comforts you’ve grown accustomed to. But don’t let your fears or apprehensions hold you back. The best way to make the most out of freshers week is to be confident and put yourself out there. If you’re worried about meeting new people just remember that everyone is in the same boat, chances are they are as anxious as you, and hoping to make some new friends.

Go to the Freshers Fair

The freshers fair is a great way to get to know more about university. It gives you the chance to explore the societies, sport clubs, and activities on offer. Maybe you’ve come to university with some societies in mind that you’re looking to join, or you might have no idea of the activities University of Nottingham provides. Either way, going to the freshers fair allows you to speak to society members to get a feel for the various clubs. You can explore your current interests or try something new. Plus, even if you don’t find any societies that peak your interests, there’s often loads of free food and goodies on offer!

Attend the events

There’s lots of events on during freshers week, and not just events that include drinking and going to clubs/bars. While the club nights are definitely some of the more popular freshers events and a great way to make new friends, if you don’t drink or don’t fancy going out, there’s still lots of exciting events to take part in.

Making the most of freshers means having fun and doing things you enjoy, so if you’re the only one in your flat that doesn’t like drinking don’t panic! You can still have fun during freshers week. Check the student union website for other events that you might better enjoy, where you can still meet new people and have your best freshers experience.

Be open-minded

Going to University means meeting and socialising with people from completely different backgrounds to yourself. You’ll find yourself making friends with people you never expected to meet, but that’s what exciting about being at university. So, to make the most out of freshers, and university life in general, be open-minded. This will allow you to join societies, take part in events, and have experiences that push you out of your comfort zone, and as a result, have more fun that you ever expected!

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