September 12, 2020, by Agnes

Your First Week in Halls

If you haven’t yet, check out my post about ‘your first night in halls’ – this post is definitely a continuation from that one!

What is waiting for you in your first week in halls? Well… 

Your first shopping trip

If you’re in self-catered halls, this will probably be a massive grocery shop – hopefully you can pair up with a flatmate so the experience is a bit less intimidating! Even if you’re in catered halls, it’s worth stocking up on some snacks! Of course, your first shopping trip might also be completely non-food related at all – either way, check out Shweta’s guide to shopping around Nottingham!

Meeting new people

In halls, you’ll be constantly around new people; in the kitchen/canteen, common rooms, study rooms, laundry rooms, shared bathrooms… the only place you’ll really be alone is in your own room! This is great for making lots of new friends but can be a little overwhelming at times. Try to get yourself out there and be social, but don’t feel guilty about taking time for yourself.

Doing laundry

I know some people that managed to get through the entire year without using the laundry room at all. For example, if you’re visiting home often, it can make more sense for you to do laundry at home for free! For most people though, the laundry room is the way. Depending on which hall you’re staying in, the price for a load of laundry will be slightly different and you can pay with coins or through the Circuit app. Don’t worry – once you get here, there are very clear instructions on each washing machine (and dryer!) with steps on how to use it. Something that you might want to know is that you can’t use dryer sheets and you need to bring your own laundry detergent. I used an ecoegg and I absolutely loved it! You can read about it on the website but it’s so easy to just throw it in with your laundry and lasts for ages. 

Making use of your hall’s facilities

Each hall has different things on offer! Find out about the different spaces and resources available for you to use. Check out your hall’s study room/library and the common room – what facilities are inside it? Games consoles, foosball tables, TVs? A printer, a scanner, a little library? It’s worth knowing what’s there, so you can make the most of it! Moreover, see if your hall puts on events, like pizza nights or yoga classes!

Welcome to Nottingham!

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