June 16, 2020, by Agnes

Order Food to Support the Community

Hello! Hope you’re doing well!


If you’re spending the lockdown in Nottingham… I can’t say I’m not a little jealous. Although I’m enjoying trying new recipes while I’m stuck at home, I do miss my favourite takeaways from Nottingham – and I like to think they miss me too. 


As we all know, independent businesses are struggling because of COVID-19 and as customers, we can be a massive help by… enjoying good food! Here are some Nottingham based, small businesses which I highly recommend for any foodie. (Yes, they’re vegan-biased… but what can you expect from a plant-based gal?)


Annie’s Burger Shack

Beloved by meat eaters and veggie lovers alike, Annie’s Burgers is open for orders! Simply call them up during their working hours and agree on a collection slot (limited amount each day due to social distancing, of course!). 



Anybody else been craving Doughnotts? Well, you can satisfy those cravings with the help of Deliveroo or UberEats. Yummy doughnuts straight to your door… heaven.


The Filthy Vegan

My absolute favourite “unhealthy” takeaway. The filthy kebab always hits the spot. This is the place you order from when you fancy a great vegan hot dog, a yummy beyond burger or, the classic filthy vegan kebab. As always, you can order your Filthy Vegan meal through Deliveroo or UberEats during their opening times. 



If you’re looking for a delicious healthy meal in Lenton… the Avocafe is the place to be. You can order through their website and have it delivered to your door or arrange to pick it up yourself! Also, not only can you order a yummy meal but they also deliver groceries! Short on your fave milk or eggs? Why not order it with your dinner?


Ahh, I can’t wait to be back in Nottingham.

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