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February 19, 2020, by Jayda

How to Improve Your Student Living

Many of you may be thinking about your accommodation next year. Maybe you’re a first year excited by the chance to move out of halls and live with friends. Or you might be a second year hoping for a better living experience in your final year. Student living can be difficult, there’s no one to  clean the kitchen every week, no daily meals provided.  You have to fend for yourself which can be a little scary. But before you start to panic, here are a few tips to help you survive student living!

Choose your housemates wisely

Living with your best friends may sound like a dream but the reality might be very different. Living together can push friendships to the limit, constant proximity can transform a pet peeve into a major argument.  So, when choosing who to live don’t just consider how well you get  with the person or how fun your nights out together are; think about who you can bare to share a living space with.

Be considerate

Not everyone in the house is going to have the same schedule. Some people have lots of contact hours, some may have part time jobs. So, if you come in late at night be considerate of the fact that others may have 9am’s. No one wants to be up earlier than necessary!

Keep on top of your washing up

Often the simplest things can cause the most conflict. There is nothing worse than going to cook your dinner and the kitchen is full of dirty pots and pans and there’s no clean plates to eat from. It takes just 5 minutes to wash up, most of which can be done whilst you’re cooking.


Communicating with your housemates is the best way to solve any house issues. If someone is doing something which is problematic for others in the house, then talk to them. It usually goes better than a passive aggressive text or note on the fridge!

Socialise as a house

Student life is busy, you may live with someone, but conflicting schedules are such that you don’t see them for days. House nights out or pizza night for example allows you to catch up with your housemates and makes for a more friendly living environment.

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