February 16, 2020, by Shweta

Getting fit and healthy in Nottingham

In the last 6 months, I’ve become a lot more focused on my personal fitness goals. While the changes are small, they’re there and there’s nothing more motivational than that. Besides aesthetics, keeping on top of my fitness goals have improved my mental and cardiovascular health. Nottingham has proved to be an absolutely amazing place to begin your fitness journey. Be it lifting weights at the gym to group classes in the city, here are my favourite physical activities in and around Nottingham.

Firstly, and most obviously, is the David Ross Sports Village. Hear that? It’s a whole village! That means that your student membership gives you access to a climbing wall, Olympic sized pools and more, on top of it’s fantastic gym. The annual student membership is also discounted at the beginning of every academic year, making your fitness goals even more affordable and accessible. This also includes a personal trainer if you wish to work with one. As someone with previous sporting injuries and an inherently lazy inner voice, having a PT is super helpful. I would suggest getting one if you struggle with your diet, are nervous entering the gym as a beginner or if you just want to switch up your workouts and try something new. If you’re not near University Park, there’s also a university gym on Jubilee Campus with similar features. Additionally, there are multiple wonderful private gyms around campus, including Xercise4Less and Pure Gym.

If the gym is nerve-racking or just plain boring, why not try a new sport? The university boasts over 200 societies, many of which centre around various sports and other physical activities including dancing and even, Quidditch. Remember, you don’t have to make it onto a team or even be very good at something to do it. If you’re having fun and feeling good, it’s the right activity for you.

University can be stressful and whilst sports and the gym help some de-stress, it isn’t the right answer for everyone. Yoga is well-known for being a wonderful stress-reliever, but did you know it can also burn a TON of calories? Well, not literally but it is definitely a good workout. The university does offer yoga but if you want to try something new, Hot Pod Yoga is now in Nottingham! It’s a very unique experience and a great way to boost that calorie burn whilst still remaining zen.

And finally, the great outdoors. This doesn’t sound particularly tempting with Storm Dennis roaring outside but we all know just how beautiful Nottingham can be come spring and summer. Wollaton Park is a fan favourite for a daily jog or a game of Frisbee with some friends. If you’re willing to travel a little further, Sherwood Forest or even the Peak District offer some wonderful hiking and/or horse riding routes. These are innovative ways to have a day out with some friends while still reaching your fitness goals.

Rowing in Highfields Park on campus is another great outdoor activity! And a real arm workout!

This decade, let’s all focus on our health; physical AND mental. These are just a few ways to do so but do let me know what your favourite way to exercise is, down in the comments.

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