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January 30, 2020, by Valentina

Let’s Discuss: Work Placements and Internships

Being a student is difficult. That’s something we can all readily admit. We can become so consumed by our work and our general lives that sometimes we forget to take a good look at all the opportunities that just being at university can actually provide. Most of them just land in our inboxes, waiting for us to give them a good look…and there are many!

I’m in my second year of uni, and during my time here I’ve undertaken various placements and opportunities which have been relevant to what I want from my career. While my life has been busy, at times hectic and rather stressful, I’ve enjoyed every moment and cannot recommend work placements and internships enough.

I’ve grown to believe that they’ve been essential to my growth, not only as a student, but as an aspiring professional – I’ve gained a lot more than I’ve given from these opportunities.

So, Let’s Discuss…

What can you gain from work placements and internships?

  1. Confidence in the Workplace

Let’s face it, being a student means we don’t often see much outside of the lecture hall. So, the prospect of the workplace can seem incredibly intimidating. Getting some experience of being in that environment and understanding its processes is an amazing way to gain confidence and prepare for the future.

  1. Practical Skills

Nothing is more beneficial to our careers than hands on experience in our field of choice. It’s an amazing form of preparation, you gain the basic, practical skills that are required…putting you two steps ahead!

  1. Time Management

Balancing the responsibilities of interning or being on placement with the constant influx of readings and lecture slides can be a little daunting – but it teaches amazing time management and organisation skills which are invaluable.

  1. Networking Abilities

You meet so many people, some you might never have expected to. Gaining and maintaining these contacts is essential to opening up even more doors and gaining access to opportunities. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you once they see your eagerness to learn.

  1. An Interesting CV

Once you undergo some placement or intern work, you can populate your CV to show your skillset and experience and you’ll always have things to refer to in an interview. Experience can also open many a door!

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