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January 28, 2020, by Agnes

Start the New Term Motivated!

The beginning of a new term often comes with a lot of anticipation and excitement, but also… anxiety. Let’s be honest, the thought of a “fresh start” can be quite overwhelming and stressful. So I’m here to share my top tips on how you can make it easier on yourself and get motivated for the new term!

Set attainable goals

The best way to find motivation is to set goals that you are truly passionate about achieving; goals that you feel motivated to work towards each and every day. Often, this means breaking down that big, seemingly distant dream you have into a step by step plan with smaller goals along the way. How will this term push you towards that dream? What do you want to achieve this year?

Plan ahead

Invest in a simple planner or journal which will help you stay organised. Even just a notebook designated specifically for writing down assignments, deadlines, plans and to-do lists will help you keep on top of things and make you feel more in control.

Find a study buddy

Working with someone with whom you have relatedness is a big intrinsic motivator: having a network of support and encouragement in a growth-oriented environment. This can simply be a friend with whom you share mutual support and motivation. Think of it as a buddy system where you hold each other accountable and encourage one another to do your best! Not only that, but a good buddy could be really helpful when your work starts putting a strain on your mental health – it’s nice to have someone to check up on you and make you feel less alone and it’s equally nice and important to do that for your buddy!

Finally, and most importantly; take it one day at a time. you’re capable and you’ve got this!

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