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December 5, 2019, by Valentina

5 Self Care Tips for Students

Being at uni is an amazing experience. You meet new people, you experience new things, you make life-long memories. It’s great. Then, a few weeks into every semester, something happens which shifts the atmosphere…

…assessment period draws near.

Ah, that dreaded time. It brings along with it some of our least favourite things.

All-nighters at the library, constant battles with procrastination and the urge to leave it all ‘til the last minute, piercing headaches and an unnatural consumption of junk food.

This is where stress creeps in, when our minds are overworked and tired and our bodies are battling the sleep-deprivation. There is never a better nor important time to look after ourselves. Our general wellbeing and our grades demand it.

So, here are some of my favourite ways to practice ‘self care’ as a student…

  1. Rest

    We’re all guilty of not leaving ourselves enough time to relax. The problem is that when our engines are constantly roaring without rest, we eventually overheat, crash and burn. Sometimes rest is just as important as drive – especially for our mental health.

  2. Eat Healthy

    Give your body a hand by adopting a healthy and balanced diet – eat fruit and veg, drink water and consume protein. You’ll see the positive change in your energy, mood and concentration levels.

  3. Sleep

    This one is essential. A good quality of sleep equals a good quality of life. And manageable stress levels.

  4. Move

    In the build-up to assessment period, you’ll probably spend a ridiculous amount of time sitting in one place hunched over a laptop or notepad. Go on that relaxing walk. Take that trip to the gym. Exercise that tension out of your body – it’ll thank you for it.

  5. Have Fun

    A balance of academic responsibility and enjoyment, friendship and socialising is essential for our general wellbeing. Take breaks from the library and do things you enjoy – you’ll come back refreshed and ready to learn.

Taking time for self care should always be a priority.

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