Close up photo of a Veggie style burger and fries.

December 3, 2019, by Agnes

Top 5 Veggie Food Spots on Campus

As a vegetarian, and a picky eater, getting food whilst out can be a struggle. Luckily, our campus is full of delicious options if you know where to look. In fact, you can treat this list as a bucket list because if you don’t try these great veggie spots, you’re missing out.

   1. Hendersans – Portland Building

If you’re around campus and you’re not really sure what you fancy for lunch… Hendersans will have you sorted. With their massive menu of vegetarian and vegan goodies, everyone’s sure to find something they like. In particular, try the vegan nachos or the hot Chinese tofu wrap. In love.

   2. Echo – Derby Hall

Specialising in burgers, it would be a crime to not try the Chilli Bean Burger from Echo. Not only is it an absolute treat but it’s also vegan! Not hungry enough for a burger? The Mexican loaded fries are sure to make you fall in love. With fifteen (15!) veggie and vegan options, it’s got my seal of approval.

   3. Vesper – Willoughby Hall

In the mood for pasta? Vesper is the place to be. I especially recommend their Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni but if that’s not your style… you won’t get a better Macaroni & Cheese anywhere else.

   4. 56 – Portland Building

I can’t recommend their Halloumi & Mushroom Burger enough. Both the halloumi and mushroom are massive and it’s great value for money. So if you’re looking for a quick bite in the heart of campus, this is the place to go.

   5. Coates Cafe – Coates Building

At the Coates Cafe the menu changes daily, but every single day, along with a “regular” special there’s a vegetarian one! If you’re quite a picky eater (like me) then you might have to study the menu and go on a day when you know they have something yummy, but if you’re willing to plan your lunch around the menu – the Quorn enchiladas (every other Thursday) and the jerk Quorn fillet (every other Wednesday) make the effort worth it.

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