July 30, 2019, by Shweta

Guide to being a student in Nottingham

Being a student is hard. Lucky for us, Nottingham makes it just that bit easier. Here are my top tips for making the most of your student status in Nottingham before entering the real world where student discounts don’t apply.

First off, read that last line again. And then re-read it. Too many students don’t make use of the many discounts available to us at various restaurants, clothing stores and general services. If it isn’t advertised openly, just ask someone at the establishment. No harm done if there isn’t but plenty saved if there’s even a 5% discount! As for larger savings, invest in annual NCT student passes or the revered mango card to save on bus and tram travel. This is particularly helpful if you live and/or work further away from university. For other student deals, register with Unidays. Off there, you can get 30% of Zizzi’s, 10% off Topshop and more.

Secondly, sign up to Unitemps. They offer plenty of student jobs, both part and full-time; even e-mailing so you never miss out on an opportunity. Working whilst studying may be hard-work but it is so incredibly fruitful to earn your own money and put it towards future travels or other goals. Through unitemps, you can work for one of the many bars or restaurants in town but you can also avail of work opportunities at university which offer increased flexibility and decent pay.

Finally, make use of the discounted stuff. If you think the only way to have fun is to drink one too many G&Ts at Pryzm, you will be spending a fortune; so much so you might need another drink to forget about your overdraft. Make use of the many wonderful activities Nottingham has to offer so you can have a good time without burning a hole through your wallet. For example, boating through the Highfields’s in the summer costs a pittance especially relative to the fun of challenging your equally amateur friends to a boat race. Other things include picnics in the arboretum, games of mini-golf in Corner house and cheap movie nights at Savoy (as opposed to the more expensive cinemas in the city centre).

Nottingham has plenty to offer to their students and is one of the best student cities in the UK, if I might say so myself. If you’re struggling with anything, from health and wellbeing to budgeting, you can always approach a senior student or member of the Student’s Union to gather more information on how to make the most of your time in Nottingham.





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