July 22, 2019, by Shweta

Dummies guide to travelling within Nottingham

Nottingham has plenty to offer, from the stunning campus to the historic lace market and beyond. Lucky for us, getting from point A to B really is a just a straight line with all the cheap and reliable modes of transportation readily available throughout the city. Keep reading to learn more about the various ways in which you can get from campus to Five Guys and beyond!


You could easily argue as to whether this first one constitutes a mode of transportation but one of my favorite ways to explore Nottingham is by foot. The walk from everyone’s favorite student housing locality, Lenton, to the city center takes anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on where you live. The university isn’t much further. Take special advantage of sunny days to work up an appetite before you reach the city center with its multitude of eateries. A pro-tip? If you walk up Derby Road, there are some especially breathtaking views of the Nottingham landscape from near Warsaw Diner.


A quicker way to get around is to take the bus. The obvious choice would be to make full use of the university’s hopper buses. Recently spruced up to include free Wi-Fi and charging stations, these buses are free to use and run between all the campuses, QMC, and even Royal Derby Hospital. Aside from this, Nottingham City Transport (NCT) operates majority of the buses you’ll need to get around. Even better? They offer annual student passes on your student card which lends you unlimited travel for the year!


Another reliable yet cheap way to travel is by using the tram. With electric trams having been used since 1902, the tram network adds an aesthetic touch to the city center and is a great way of getting around; even stopping by the hospital and the train station. Students can avail of the ‘Mango’ card which allows discounted usage of the trams and buses in Nottingham!


Finally, for when you’re really in a pinch, taxis are perfect! Many London style hackney carriages roam the streets but can be a bit more expensive than the many other taxi carriers that operate in Nottingham. DG Taxis even run a ‘safe taxi’ scheme which allows students to get home safe when they’re stuck late at night without a penny to give. This SU system has massively improved safety amongst the student community and gives students one week to pay the fare back after their travel. Another student favorite is Uber, but they require little introduction to be honest.


That’s all from me for now! Stay tuned for more and happy travelling x


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