April 3, 2019, by Alina

Tips for socialising on a budget at Uni

We all know how chaotic uni life can be – you’re working hard towards a deadline and then next thing you know there’s another deadline looming, meaning that it can be hard to squeeze time in to see your friends without feeling guilty about taking time off studying! This can make you feel even worse when your bank balance doesn’t seem to be agreeing with your spontaneous pub nights. I’ve came up with a list of  a few ideas of how you can catch up with friends without having to avoid eating lunch for the next week.


Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Now that it’s getting warmer, it’s even easier to round up your pals on a sunny afternoon! If you aim for an early afternoon, you can still get some studying done in the morning and then reward yourself with some cheap drinks and snacks around the lake on University Park campus. You can even pop into Lidl next to Jubilee if you really want to save some £££ or make use of the SU shops nearby for some cheap snacks. It’ll cost you a lot less than organising and paying for an evening meal together, and fresh air can work wonders for your mind, too!


This is definitely one of my favourite places in Nottingham! Head to the charming bowling alley, just next to the ice centre on a Thursday and you can get games, food, and certain drinks for £2.50 each if you show your student card! Need I say more?? Get your competitive side out and let off some steam for cheap – thank me later 😉

Board game nights

I cannot express how much I love a good board game night in with friends. If you ask everyone to bring their own drinks and some snacks, you’ll end up with a small feast and lots of entertainment for the evening! A friend of mine recently hosted a ‘Murder Mystery’ evening, where every person attending had to play a character and then figure out who the murderer was, etc. I had a look online and some of these games only cost around £20! Sounds expensive but if you chip in with your housemates then you’ll end up saving a lot more with exciting nights in rather than heading out to the usual bars. You can also pick up cheap board games from most charity shops – my current favourites are articulate and scrabble. You simply can’t go wrong! 🙂


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