April 2, 2019, by Shweta

“I think I have too much stuff” – A guide to moving into university

  1. Ditch the massive suitcases (unless you’re flying). If you’re travelling by road, it’s much more convenient to pack your things into duffel bags, bin bags or foldable rucksacks. They hold quite a few things and are incredibly space-saving when it comes to stuffing them under your dorm bed once you’re unpacked.


  1. Check for prohibited items. Don’t bother carrying your favourite candle set or toasty maker if your dorm is strict about having such items within the bedroom space. They may seem like small items but will end up taking up unnecessary space in the car/suitcase.


  1. Make your bed last. When moving in, expect things to get messy and possibly dusty. You wouldn’t want to put down that beautiful fresh duvet only to have to throw it in the wash hours later. Put away all your stuff and make your bed right at the end so you have a fresh clean space for your first night in your new room.


  1. Dress appropriately. This might seem redundant but I cannot tell you how much easier unpacking became when I ditched my skinny jeans and crop top for some comfortable leggings, a GIANT hoodie and trainers. Dress in a way that allows you to run up and down stairs, carry heavy boxes and perform other physical tasks.


  1. Pack that stuffed toy/picture frame (even if you have to squeeze it in). When you move into your dorm, you’ll be moving away from home and into your first space as an adult. You will thank yourself for those pieces of your childhood and family that remind you of home when things get rough.


  1. CLEANING SUPPLIES! If you’re travelling by road, bring them from home. If you’re flying, don’t waste suitcase space but instead buy them as soon as you get to your university. Like I said before, unpacking can become messy quite easily and you’ll find yourself reaching for those antibacterial wipes more than you would think.


  1. Aim for diversity in packing. For the first few weeks, you’ll attend balls, dinners and themed club nights so keep in mind you might need appropriate clothing for those. However, it will also become very cold, very fast so pack those parkas and boots for when the weather gets chilly.


As we move closer to September, many of you are understandably eager about moving to university and if I recall, I found packing to be both, incredibly difficult but also very exciting. I hope my tips can make this first move into your dorm as seamless as it can be.


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