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November 13, 2018, by Shweta

A week in my life as a university student

University life is miles apart from the spoon-fed, laid-back student life I was used to at high school. For those of you wondering what university will be like (or what it’s like for someone on a different course to yours), here’s what a week in my life typically looks like*.

Monday – Lectures used to make up a chunk of my Mondays when I first came to university but now I usually only go in for an hour or two. The rest of the day I’m either holed up in the library with my friends, alternating between writing my dissertation and having a gossip sesh. On Monday nights, my housemate and I attend one of the many classes available at the university gyms – this week, we chose BoxFit – which always serve as a fun and energetic start to the week.

Tuesday – Last week, I had a meeting with my supervisor to discuss my progress with writing my dissertation. These meetings always leave me feeling organised and optimistic about the daunting project I have ahead of me.

Wednesday – Half-day hump days are my favourite part of university. Now that I’m in my third year, I have fewer contact hours so I usually spend my Wednesdays working as a student ambassador. Last Wednesday, I worked a discovery day event with primary school kids so you can imagine I had a very fulfilling morning filled with cute anecdotes and colourful juice packs. I usually spend Wednesday evenings at the weekly Nottingham Debating Union training events. Across the university, Wednesday evenings are to explore your interests, joining societies and/or play sports.

Thursday – More lectures; luckily they’re interesting enough to keep me awake! After a couple hours in the library, I like to take a break. The sun has been gracing us off late so I usually go for a walk across Highfields before heading for yet another gym class – this time, Pilates – with my housemates.

Friday – Yet another work shift followed by another afternoon at Hallward Library. Fortunately, we’ve got ‘Bertie the Cat’ to keep us company when the silent study gets a bit too quiet. After a quick workout at the DRSV, I like to spend Friday nights with my housemates. We usually celebrate surviving the week with our favourite £1 chocolate cake from Tesco. We combine this with movie night, staying up all night some Fridays.

Finally, the weekends are a great time to catch up on work, try one of the many amazing restaurants Notts has to offer, head to the gym or just sleep in for once.

*The best part of university is that every week is different and you have total control over what your days look like. This is just a broad sketch of what my weekdays look like when I’m being a responsible student (which, unfortunately, isn’t all the time).


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