November 11, 2018, by Lucy

Reasons to go to the Gym

As someone who is known to detest any form of exercise going, joining the gym this year was a shock that no one saw coming. However, what’s more shocking is that I actually like going to the gym… I know, right? Beforehand I used to judge anyone who remotely liked the gym, wondering what kind of witchcraft they were under. But now, now I hate myself for not joining the gym sooner. Why did it take me three years to get my backside in gear and actually make a positive change?

If, like me, you are a gym-phobe, read on. I may be able to convince you to get your trainers on…

You’ll be Less Stressed

When you exercise, you release endorphins. That is, you release some chemicals that interact with your brain to reduce your perception of pain and increase a positive feeling within you. Whenever I finish a workout, I am accompanied by a blissful afterglow whereby I feel less stressed, happier and more motivated to have a good day.
As someone who suffers from anxiety, this stress-relief is an amazing way to deal with any pressures I am feeling under at the moment. Indeed, whilst I am at the gym I can zone out and focus on my workout whereas after the gym sesh I can relax in the endorphin fuelled high. No matter how hard it is for me to go to the gym at 6.30 in the morning, I can guarantee that I have never regretted doing a workout. I have regretted not going, but never going. The post-workout heavenly warmth is true, people! Science is not a myth!

You Can Make New Friends

Making friends outside of Freshers’ Week is hard. Everyone seems to be caught up in their own bubble, meaning that the notion of striking up a conversation is dread-inducing. However, the gym is the perfect place to meet new people. Besides having the gym in common, finding a reason to talk to a stranger is easy: ‘Do you know where the weights are?’, ‘Do you need a spotter?’, the list is endless.

Your Brain with have a Boost

As well as releasing endorphins, research has shown that exercising works to increase cognitive function and improve memory. Indeed, working out after a study session has been proven to help contribute to fact retention, enabling you to cement all the information in your head that you need for your exams! Get those gains in your degree as well as in the weight section.

Time out, but being productive

As previously mentioned, going to the gym is a perfect way to escape the bounds of university life. For those days where you just don’t seem to be going anywhere, going to the gym is a much-needed source of productivity: it will give you time and space to reflect and possibly come up with inspiration for your academic needs, as well as allowing you to do something good for yourself. If nothing else, you’ll be working on your fitness as opposed to your education. No matter how little or how much you do, it’ll always be considered to be productive.

It’ll Kickstart Your Day

As the winter fast approaches, the mornings are getting eerily dark and uncomfortably cold. To put it simply, getting out of bed in the morning is no mean feat. However, when you have a reason to get out of bed, the motivation to do something increases. Going to the gym will give you a motive to get up, in addition to giving you an energy and mood boost.

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