March 14, 2018, by Lucy

Student Essentials – Food Edition

So, you’re a student. You need to fend for yourselves. The shops are overwhelming lairs of edible goods that you didn’t even know existed, you have a limited budget and you simply don’t know where to begin. Luckily for you, I am here to help (at least I think so anyway). I consider myself a full time student and part time – read, most of the time – money saving expert who is here to given Martin Lewis a run for his money. Next time you hit up the shops look out for these student essentials to make your life as a student at least 75% better.

Chopped Tomatoes

Boring I know, but what can’t you do with chopped tomatoes? They make the perfect base for a pasta sauce, add in a bit of chilli powder and kidney beans to whip up a quick chilli con carne or even eat them on toast if your baked beans supply has run dry. Bish bash bosh, Bob’s your uncle you’ll have a meal in no time. If we’re talking sports, chopped tomatoes are the real MVP here because they’re trustworthy, versatile and always there when you need them most. Well done chopped toms, well done.

Frozen Stir Fry Veg

When you wanted food quickly, but also want a little ~pizzazz~ you can’t beat a stir fry. No longer worry about whether your fresh veg is stir fry appropriate because you can buy it frozen. We’re talking bean sprouts, water chestnuts, peppers, the lot. It’s all in there. Simply open the packet, fry it in your wok, add your sauce and there you go. Chinese food in minutes, forget about ordering a takeaway.

And to Accompany, Ready to Wok Noodles

You’re obviously going to want noodles with your study fry because they are one of the wonders of the world. Forget about the hassle that comes with rice noodles (here I am mainly talking about washing up a sieve. I don’t think it’s even possible) and buy ready to wok. Just like your veg, it’s all ready to go… hence the name. Put it in your pan, stir for a bit. Transfer onto plate. Eat. You’ll never go back.

Baking Potatoes

Behold, the humble potato. So simple, yet so delicious. From your ordinary beginnings, there is no way of telling what you shall be today: will you be a jacket for my tuna? Wedges for my fish? Mash for my pie? Well, it doesn’t matter, because you can be anything that you want to be. Talk about the world being your oyster, the opportunities are endless when it comes to potatoes.

Ainsley Harriot Cous Cous

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to cook. All you want is a carb laden fix to bring you all the stodgy joy in the world. Some would say that instant cous cous is the posh man’s pot noodle, a delight reserved for those who’s lives are lackluster and drab. Well, I strongly believe that these people are wrong. Cous cous has no limitations, 90s superstar chef Ainsley is a man of the people, whipping up flavour combinations to please on masse. Don’t be condescending when I reach for my cous cous because really, it is you who is missing out.

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