March 13, 2018, by Shweta

University Bucket-list: Second Year Edition

These blogs have allowed me to give all my readers a peak into my life and while it has been thoroughly enjoyable sharing parts of myself with you; there’s still a lot left to uncover. Today’s fact: I love making lists! It’s a habit I picked up from my father and it’s one I stick to rather fastidiously. While my to-do lists remain sadly unfinished most of the time, one list I am very committed to is my bucket-list. Here is mine; as a second-year medical student at the University of Nottingham.


  1. Visit Peak District. How is it that I manage to fly 4000 miles away to home thrice a year but I cannot seem to make the 1-hour journey to Peak District? I’ve heard so much about this lovely place and I am so excited to visit. With exams season weeks away and the sun slowly creeping back out, I’m all out of excuses to not make the trek. This is definitely something I look forward to doing – once I’m done binge watching Jane the Virgin.
  2. Take a picture at the Nottingham sign. The other day, I was on the hopper bus when I noticed them tearing down/re-painting/fixing up the Nottingham sign. That’s when it hit me. I haven’t taken a picture with it yet! I mean, do you even go here if you don’t have that famed photo?
  3. Visit Sherwood Forest. When I moved to Nottingham, all I heard around me was talk about Robin Hood. Despite the hype, I am yet to make it to the forest. It would definitely be worthwhile getting some fresh air out in the forest, and maybe indulging in some adrenaline fueled adventure.
  4. Challenge myself at the Rose & Crown. It may mean starving myself for the remainder of the week, but I’d definitely like to have a go at the food challenges hosted by this popular pub. Time to get my picture up on that wall of fame!


Whether you’re new to the university or you’ve been here a while, there’s always plenty to do in and around Nottingham so make your own bucket-lists and transform those dreams into realities!

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