March 5, 2018, by Shweta

The Right (& Only) Way to Watch the Oscars

Yet again, my blog post is two days late. However, for once, there is a reason behind my procrastination. I write this as my house mates and I wrap up a rather successful Oscar Party. And it is with that extensive party planning experience, that I’m here to tell you the right way to celebrate the Oscars.


The 90th Academy Awards took place on Sunday. Unfortunately, it began sometime around midnight, courtesy the time differences. But that didn’t stop us. And it definitely shouldn’t stop you. To really get into the spirit of the last awards show of ‘award ceremony season’, I’d fully suggest throwing an Oscar party. It need not even be a big one! Here’s the tale of how my 5-person “party” came to be and I hope it will inspire you to throw your own next year.


For months, my house mate droned on and on about her latest celebrity crush, Timothée Chalamet. While unsurprising, we were all extremely excited to learn about his nomination for Best Actor. As a group that enjoys movie nights about 4-5 times a week, it was no surprise that we all had favourites for all the major categories. After the weather ruined our plans for a weekend getaway, we decided to spend our Sunday at an intimate Oscar Party. And so, we did. We donned our best dresses, busted out some budget wine – drinking it out of glasses for once – and even put up a sweet sign. While our party was rather budgeted and hurriedly planned, we did feel like we belonged to the red carpet, even if it were only for a few minutes. Being the most extra group of girls that I know, we even brought out a professional camera to shoot “red-carpet” photos of each other, while the others excitedly hyped us up. There really is nothing like having your own little paparazzi.

Ready for the Oscars!

I will say, however, that we got mixed responses to our little plan. While some friends thought that our party was extremely cute and fun, others claimed we looked a bit sad. I get how it’s easy to assume the latter when you see 5 over-dressed girls sitting around a plate of £1 mozzarella sticks in their own living room but we didn’t care; and that was the real beauty of it.


If any of you are a big fan of award ceremonies – be it the Oscars or the BAFTAs –  I hope our little party inspires you to do something similar. Whether you’re surrounded by dozens of people or just a handful of your closest mates, it’s the moment that counts. And what a fun moment it was.


Until next time,

Shweta Madhu

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