March 1, 2018, by Jack

Mid-Semester Blues

It’s that time of the year again. Well, the second time if we’re talking about the academic year.


We’re halfway through the semester, and while the work is cranking up and the first big set of deadlines is beginning to loom, your energy and motivation levels are starting to plummet.


You’re beginning to wonder whether you’re really cut out for this. Can you even get all of those courseworks done in time? In first year this seemed like the end. But as a 2nd year I can now see that this is just a passing phase.


This is my 4th time experiencing the mid-semester blues. Every semester I convince myself I’ll avoid them this time. I’ll keep on top of my work. My friends won’t need me so much, I won’t need my friends so much.


Every semester life gets in the way.


How do you get through it?


Split your work up. Tackle one mudule, one deadline, one lecture, one problem at a time. Keep showing up. Even if you don’t pay attention, even if you don’t understand because you’re behind. Keep going to your lectures. The routine of getting out of bed, going to things, staying engaged with your course will serve you well later.


Focus on the small things too. Eat well, do things with your friends, exercise if that’s your thing. Take care of yourself.


That’s how I do it anyway.


Just remember, it’s a passing phase.

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