January 28, 2018, by Susan

3 Alternative Work Spaces to Hallward

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

Congrats if you’re now exam free! I envy your freedom because some of us, still have coursework deadlines for at least another two weeks – ugh.

I’m in my final year and I still hate Hallward – an unpopular opinion, I know. Libraries are sort of hailed as these places where all the work gets done and while I know I can’t get much done in my room, working in the library doesn’t suit everyone. Someone of us can’t sit still for long periods of time, seeing other people study for hours stresses us out, and frankly it’s far too warm in Hallward, I always feel like I’m about to fall asleep. And then the next thing you know, you’re spending money on coffee and you’re not even enjoying it because it’s purely functional – to keep you awake.

So if you’re like me and you can’t work in the here are my top 3 favourite spaces on campus to work.

Portland Welcome Area

A recent and proud discovery of mine. I just walked past and saw this really relaxed, snazzy looking space. There are different types of seating which sounds completely mundane but hear me out. The first hour or two you may want to be super focused in which case, sit at a table. Later on you might decide to relax a bit and put your feet up. Or even use one of the sofas – which are installed with power sockets. Switching things up really helps me to stay focused and the best thing about this room is that it’s well lit; people sort of flow in and out of it so you’re never stuck working with someone right next to you (a lot less intense) and you’re in Portland so you’re near all the food.


Campus is a lot quieter on a Wednesday and the same goes for its cafes. You get a relaxed working environment, uninterrupted coffee and if you’re in Trent Café, nice views to go with it.

Your Course Study Area

I’m a joint honours student and admittedly, have never set foot in the study/common room of one half of my course. I couldn’t even tell you where it is, which sort of proves my point. No one really uses them. I do use the Law and Social Sciences one however and love it. It’s so under the radar and yet you have seats, desks and computers. It’s Hallward but smaller, quieter and if you leave – your seat likely will still be there.

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