January 24, 2018, by Agata

How to earn some money being a student at University of Nottingham?

Big welcome back after Christmas break! I hope you had an amazing time!

January is the time of the year when most of us are making some New Year’s resolutions. We are happy to be exposed to new experiences and generally more open to new possibilities. One of the common New Year’s resolutions is also improving our financial situation and basically ‘save more’ or find an extra job.

So today I would like to give you a couple of tips I found over my two years of being PhD Student at the University of Nottingham on how to make some cash being on the Campus at the same time! Note that some of the opportunities are only suitable for postgraduate students!

  • Teaching/ Demonstrations/Outreach:

Amazing option to learn how to teach and get experience that looks very good on your CV! It is also the chance to meet a lot of younger students and feel closer to the student society.

Teaching usually is aimed at the arts and humanities students while laboratory demonstrations to science and engineering students. Outreach often involves demonstration for visiting pupils and encouraging them to join the University.

  • Invigilation:

Invigilation mainly relies on patrolling exams, dealing with students’ queries during examinations and collecting the papers after exams. It is an interesting experience and chance to meet many professionals from outside of the University. This opportunity is suitable only for postgraduate students (PhD, MPhil and Professional Doctorate).

  • Blogging / Vlogging for University:

Experiencing university life can already pay off! If you love writing or making videos that opportunity may be just for you and any students (undergrads and postgrads) can become a blogger!

  • Unitempts:

Have you heard about the service that advertises temporary and part-jobs on campus? It is Unitempts! You can find here everything: from administrative or marketing jobs to bartender at Mooch! Log in and check this out!

  • Student Union’s Officer:

Is it real? Yes! Student Union Officer is a paid job! Taking care of student needs, listening to students, organizing events for them and lot more! Maybe you should become one? Run a campaign and win a job for the next academic year!

  • Participation in experiments:

University has a lot of research groups that are looking for volunteers to participate in their experiments! No panic! Usually, these experiments are just questions and answers based! Nothing scary, no difficult stuff. Look around at notice boards around Uni and your department for advertisements! Job for all!

  • Resident tutor:

Resident tutor supports students in Halls and takes care of their social needs and welfare. This job itself is not paid, however, provides free accommodation in the flat in Halls!

  • PhD student stipend:

Being a PhD student is already a job itself! Most of the PhD students get stipends that can cover most or even all living expenses. If you are thinking of staying at University of Nottingham as a PhD student check this page out: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/jobs/currentvacancies/cat/213


Did you find something suitable for you? Why not challenge yourself in the new academic year with a new role? Didn’t find the opportunity you heart about on my list? Please comment below if you know any other options!


I wish you all lots of great new challenges in 2018! Happy New Year!



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