January 20, 2018, by Shweta

Hallward Library – A Cheat Sheet for Exam Season

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re probably done with exam season already. Unfortunately, for some of us, the nightmares are only beginning. Over the past few days, watching my housemates taking some well-deserved time off has forced me to become a resident of Hallward Library. You’d think I’d spend my time there wisely but hitting the books often involved a couple “preparatory” hours spent ‘people-watching’. It was then that I noticed how much smaller the library feels around this time of year; possibly because of the sheer number of students scrambling around at any given moment. With all the free time I definitely do not have, I decided to make a cheat sheet (of sorts) on how to tackle the library during exam season.


  • Get there early! Any time after 10am means you’ll be left sitting on the floor outside the screening room and nothing makes revision worse than not having a decent place to do it. Head to the library early to grab a good seat and make it your own for the next few hours.
  • Prepare for the day in advance. Have you ever gone to the library, sat down and started to work, only to realize you forgot to bring a certain handout? Unfortunately, I can relate. Grab everything you need – or may need – for the whole day before heading to the library. That way you won’t have to give up your coveted seat to run and get something you missed.
  • Grab your friends. What’s better than suffering through revision alone? Suffering through revision with a friend, of course! Not only will being around them hold you more accountable to your own work but you can also learn from each other if you happen to be on the same course.
  • Head upstairs for some quiet revision. While Hallward’s larger spaces are perfect for group study sessions, it can get quite noisy during the day. On one of my jaunts around the library, I recently discovered the set of private study areas littered amongst the bookshelves on the upper floors. Head up there for some serious revision.


Exam season is always difficult but we’ve only got another week to go before we begin another beautiful semester at Nottingham. Good luck folks!



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