November 23, 2017, by Chloe

Feeling Festive: Fun Winter Activities

Last year I barely noticed Christmas was approaching until the last week of term… this year its constantly on my mind! Maybe it’s the amount of deadlines I have before the end of term that’s pushing me towards festive procrastination… With that in mind, here’s a list of 23* activities you can try to get in the festive mood or do to avoid doing work like me!
  1. Visit the Christmas Market in Market Square
  2. Go ice-skating
  3. Make paper chains and snowflakes
    – you can buy a pack for a couple of quid or make your own!
  4. Decorate your flat/house/room – tree, tinsel, mistletoe – the tackier, the better!
  5. Christmas Bake Off
  6. Christmas Movie Night
  7. Go to a winter/Christmas formal
  8. Buy an advent calendar
  9. If you are religious, attend special services and activities at your place of worship
  10. Do a secret Santa
  11. Donate presents to children’s charities
  12. Similarly, donate your time at a soup run or wrapping said presents
  13. Play Mariah Carey on repeat
  14. Create a Christmas pub quiz
  15. Re-enact the Jingle Bells dance from Mean Girls
  16. Host a pre-Christmas dinner
  17. Go carol singing
  18. Christmas Karaoke
  19. Go present shopping
  20. See a pantomime
  21. Go and see Christmas lights
  22. Make the fanciest hot chocolate you can
  23. Build a gingerbread house


*(Don’t worry, I’ve not forgotten how many days are in Advent – 23 is the number of days between now and the end of term!)
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