November 22, 2017, by Lucy

How to Make it to your 9am

Now, as the saying goes, you are either a lark or an owl, aka, you are either a morning or a night person. Luckily for me, there is no better feeling than having an early night only to wake up two hours before is needed so that I can spend the morning doing whatever I like. So, if you aren’t naturally blessed with the ability to rise and shine, here’s some tips to drag you out of bed, at least.

Get into a routine

Your body likes nothing more than a routine. If you constantly do something at the same time day of day everyday, it is more than likely that an habitual behaviour will form. I’m not even lying, this is all science. Rather than throwing your body clock into a perpetual state of flux by going to bed at 8pm one night and 5am the next, stick to a routine and try to go to bed around the same time every night, waking up at the same time too. I’m not talking about timing your sleep to the minute, but keeping roughly to the same schedule will do you wonders… oh, I should probably mention, this includes weekends too, my bad.

Wind down before bed

Again, this one comes down to science. It is known among the field (of psychology, no less) that blue light plays havoc with your brain and increases nerve activity, meaning that it should be avoided before bedtime if you are hoping to get to sleep any time soon. Step away from the screens around an hour before you want to sleep and do something more relaxing to get you in the ~zone~. Whether you decide to read a book, do some puzzles or listen to a podcast, just avoid anything too stimulating to ensure that you will be in the land of the fairies in a matter of minutes.

Get enough sleep

When it comes to the portrayal of students in the media, I am a sure anomaly to the cause. According to all the news outlets, students love nothing more than staying up until 6am only to attend their lectures on a full two hours worth of sleep. I mean, I know that I am a notoriously lazy person, but to me this sounds like a nightmare. Make sure that you are getting 5-8 hours worth of sleep every night to ensure that you are fully rested and can therefore operate like a normally functional human, even when you feel less like yourself and more like a walking flu bug.

Don’t nap

Step away from the bed.

All of these tips are ways of improving your sleep hygiene. By doing so, the quality of your sleep should improve, meaning that it will become easier for you to sleep according to a routine, rather than falling asleep whenever you please / are bored.

See you in that 9am, yeah??

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