March 27, 2017, by Siobhan

University Life According To Emojis

I thought I’d do something fun and lighthearted, and let’s be honest, we all love emojis. They describe our feelings when we don’t quite have the words. A crying cat, a little pixelated robot alien, and a poo with eyes. Magical. This post is university life: according to emojis. I hope you enjoy.

The first one might not been so lighthearted, but it is damn accurate. As a student, you will always, and I mean always be ill. If you’re a prospective student, enjoy the breeze leaving and entering both your nostrils in delightfully clear harmony. We all know about freshers flu, but I hate to be the one to tell you that it doesn’t really go away. There’s always a sniffle to be had, or a lingering cough that sticks to you like sellotape. Even so, it’s one of the things that makes being a student so endearing and romantic. We push through the struggle. I hope you’re all stocked up on cold and flu tablets…

This little guys, with his very chic black frames, epitomises the way you feel when you put the word ‘thus’ or ‘hence’ into an essay. When you’re feeling really ambitious, you might even find a ‘hitherto’ or ‘moreover’, or something like that. You can’t deny that you feel like the ultimate intellect, and wonder why you haven’t been handed your PhD already.

This next one is true for basically every human on the planet, not just students. The slightly embarrassing motion of picking up an already worn garment, giving it a sniff and trying to decide whether you can get one more day out of it. Washing is just such an arduous task; the separating colours, turning things the right way round, and the embarrassing phone call to mum to try and fathom all the strange symbols about washing instructions. However, the ordeal of washing can also appear to be the most enjoyable, pleasant chore to do when deadlines are looming. Procrastination at its finest.

Now here’s my favourite one, and it’s one special to Nottingham itself. Not only was it voted the prettiest campus in the UK, we have all sorts of lovely miniature beasts roaming around. Never have I seen so many squirrels in my life. They are everywhere. Their bushy little tails and rather neurotic nature are rather adorable. My friend and I look forward to the Monday morning walk to uni, purely for the squirrels, or what she calls ‘rats in cute outfits’.

Now for my last one, and my favourite one. In Lenton, there is the wonderful Savoy cinema. I remember when I first went past it on the bus in September, being the southern snob I am, I turned my nose up at it, thinking it looked run down and generally a sorry place to go. But that was before I realised the tickets are £4.50 each. £4.50! Even at cineworld or odeon, with a student discount its almost double that. The savoy costs so little and is actually a great cinema. It’s like a proper theatre, with plush red chairs and huge boxes of popcorn (that are also ridiculously cheap: £3.40 for a large if I remember correctly!). It’s a great place to go when you’re not really up for going out in town, if you’re a bit skint, or if you’re just a bit bored on the weekend. £1 bus to Lenton and back and the price of a ticket, you’ve got a great night for well under £10.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, and have a good day of squirrel hunting, film watching, and writing essays that Shakespeare and Dickens would be proud of.

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