March 27, 2017, by Shweta

How to live the ‘not-so-broke’ student life

If you ask someone what they want most out of life, you’ll get a whole variety of answers. Love. Happiness. Education. Travel. But if you ask a university student what we want most out of our lives (as of right now, at least) and we’ll all say the same thing; money. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or just want to be able to afford another drink at the bar, a few extra bucks never hurt anyone. Here are a few ways in which students at Nottingham can reign in the moolah without breaking into their piggy banks.


  1. Experiments at the medical school/school of psychology: Since having begun university a couple months ago, I’ve participated in several non-invasive and extremely interesting experiments. Between learning something new and making a few quid, what’s not to love. Check out the notice boards at the med school and the school of psychology and I’m sure something will catch your eye!


  1. Unitemps: This is a great website for students to search for jobs around the university as well as Nottingham city. With a conveniently located office in Portland building, Unitemps is the perfect place to help you find a job!


  1. UCAS/University events: Working as a student ambassador is a wonderful way to meet prospective students, talk about your life at university and make some money on a day off. Since they’re usually one-off positions, these events are perfect for those of you who are too busy for the daily commitment that a part time job requires.


  1. Student blogging: There is no better feeling than making money doing something you love. If you have a passion for writing, try your hand at blogging for the university. I for one absolutely love sharing my experiences with my readers!


Managing your finances at uni can be extremely daunting and it’s common to mess up sometimes! However, there are plenty of ways to make money and with some smart budgeting, you shouldn’t have any issues. To top it all off, your first pay check will have you feeling like a real adult (even if you haven’t washed the dishes or done your laundry in a while).

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